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BrazelBerries Raspberry Shortcake Plant

By special arrangement with the grower, we are pleased to be among the first to introduce BrazelBerries™ Raspberry Shortcake™ — a smaller Raspberry variety with full-size berries. Plants thrive in containers as well as in your garden and require no staking. The carefree, compact shape means no big garden spaces are required. You’ll love harvesting the delicious sweet berries right from your patio. Plus there are no thorns to get in your way. This dwarf red Raspberry sends out lots of new canes each spring that produce more midseason fruit every year. Raspberry Shortcake™ grows to a height of 3ft, making it perfect for compact spaces and container gardening. Plants are self-pollinating.

I love that you don’t need alot of space to grow this raspberry plant. Give this to someone who loves to garden.



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